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Onderwerp: cold caustic process of nanocoating copper wire

cold caustic process of nanocoating copper wire 2 jaren 3 maanden geleden #7

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Cold Caustic Process of Nanocoating Copper Wire

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2. 2.1 Gather Materials wire stripper, vinyl gloves, safety goggles, coca cola bottle, cold caustic liquid, 14 awg wire or smaller
3. Have a spray bottle of vinegar for safety. If caustic gets on your skin spray vinegar on the area
4. Purchase bare copper wire will make the job easier. Size 14 awg wire or smaller
5. If you can only locate coated wire, The Klein Tools - Katapult Wire Stripper/Cutter will make this task MUCH easier
6. 2.2 Measure approximately 4 inches of wire and cut
7. 2.3 Repeat for several wires
8. 2.4 Strip wires if necessary
9. 2.5 Use pliers to bend the end of the wire back towards itself
10. Notice that the end of the wire is NOT touching itself
11. 2.6 Bend the bottom wire in the opposite direction
12. Notice the edge of the wire is directly pointing back at the body of the wire. The edge cannot be seen from behind.
13. 2.7 Repeat for all of the wires
14. 2.8 Put on your safety gear
15. 2.9 Open your Coca Cola bottle
16. 2.10 Place your wire in the Coca Cola bottle
17. 2.11 Repeat for all wires
18. 2.12 Shake up the contents of the cold caustic liquid
19. 2.13 Check the sprayer nozzle to verify it is open
20. 2.14 Spray several times into the bottle
21. 2.15 Replace cap onto the bottle
22. 2.16 Shake the bottle to allow liquid to coat the copper
23. 2.17 Carefully pour the excess liquid back into the sprayer bottle
24. 2.18 Replace Cap and shake bottle
25. 2.19 Rest bottle at an angle to allow excess liquid to collect away from the copper
26. 2.20 Note the time. Wait 6 hours
27. 2.21 Shake the bottle 2.22 Pour off excess liquid back into spray bottle 2.23 Set bottle down at an angle
28. 2.24 Let the bottle sit overnight
29. 2.25 Open the Bottle
30. 2.26 Set Nano Coated Wires out on a towel to dry. Always use Gloves When Handling NanoMaterials
31. 2.27 Pour any remaining liquid into the spray bottle
32. 2.28 Label Your Coca Cola Bottle For safety and reuse
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