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Onderwerp: Zo maak je Koud Loogwater (Caustic)

Zo maak je Koud Loogwater (Caustic) 2 jaren 3 maanden geleden #8

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For the very beginning of this class please collect all of the materials you see in the picture.

1. Plastic container with a lid (not air tight)

2. Sodium Hydroxide can be found at most local hardware stores. Drano Crystals can be used as a replacement. Lye, drain opener… Are some different names.

3. Aluminum – turkey pans, baking pans, aluminum foil… Cut into smaller pieces to fit into the container better

4. Plastic Coke bottle threads – any plastic should work about the same but Coke bottles are special and produce Carbon 14 graphene which is better than regular plastic.

COMBINE ALL OF THE INGREDIENTS INTO THE PLASTIC CONTAINER outside or in a well ventilated area. Be sure not to breathe the fumes when the time comes…

Add about 1/3 cup of Sodium Hydroxide on top of the aluminum, inside the container, put in the coke bottle threads (one or two is fine) and then add boiling water. Be careful to not splash yourself for obvious reasons and be sure that your plastic container is sitting on a surface that can handle the heat.

Add as much water as will fit into a spray bottle or two and then close the lid. Extra won’t hurt either!

Once the liquid has cooled, pour it into a spray bottle and you are ready to nano coat COPPER and some other kinds of metals.

The steam produced in this method is called the Hot Caustic or Steam Bath method and is used for various methods to nano coat metals, plastics, wood, but is temperature dependent for each material.

So far, the Cold Caustic in your spray bottle is the most consistent way that I have found to nano coat copper evenly, efficiently, and quickly. You should see visual results within 30 minutes after application.
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